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In 2017, following their reputable success in the food industry, Tek Foods embarked on a multi-million-dollar factory project in Somerton, Victoria. Encompassing Tek Superstore and Tek Café, this project added value to their manufacturing and wholesale business.

Tek Foods is now the leading provider of premium quality Halal meats to the kebab industry Australia wide, also servicing restaurants, cafes, hotels, nursing homes, schools and sporting venues. Tek Foods continues to support their clients’ growth and success by supplying red and white meats, as well as dry and dairy goods, and a wide range of packaging and catering solutions.

Tek Foods

In preparation for the ongoing growth and improvement, Tek Foods have invested heavily in renewable energy. In fact, with the installation of 2,200 solar panels, they are the 4th largest solar panel project in Victoria.
Tek Foods is working towards being an eco- friendly organisation, continually focusing on the reduction of carbon emissions.

Tek Foods has built a reputation for quality service, reliability, integrity and its ethical relationships within the workforce, its suppliers and customers. Their greatest asset is the uncompromising commitment to high standards from start to end, as well as their passionate staff and community who supports the business in continuing its rapid growth and success across Australia.
Tek Foods